BWC shows Iowa officer clinging to roof of suspect’s car


By Sarah Roebuck


CARROLL, Iowa — New video released from a shocking 2021 incident shows a police officer clinging to the hood of a moving car, trying to get the driver to stop.

What started as a traffic stop turned into a terrifying moment when a Carroll police officer stepped on top of a moving car, KCCI reports

During the traffic stop, Officer Patrick McCarty told passenger Dennis Guider Jr. there was a warrant for his arrest out of Illinois.

The video shows the driver getting out of the vehicle and Guider sliding over into the driver’s seat. Once the vehicle started moving, McCarty stepped in front of the car. 

“Stop the car, man. Stop the car,” McCarty yelled at Guider, kneeling on the hood of the car.

Video from a body-worn camera and a dashcam shows McCarty clinging to the hood of the car as he continues to tell Guider to stop the car.  

That’s when McCarty climbed up to the roof of the car. Guider continued to drive away as several more squad cars joined the pursuit. 

McCarty clung to the roof of the car during the pursuit, which only lasted for about a minute as Guider turned into a gravel lot. As Guider drove through a ditch, McCarty lost his grip, falling to the ground and causing him to break his back.

Guider pleaded guilty on May 11 to serious injury by vehicle and was sentenced to five years in prison. 

The injured officer has since fully recovered and is back on the job.

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