Chilling video shows intruder staring at Iowa woman as she slept – Law Officer


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Ankeny, Iowa –  video captured a man who crept around an Iowa woman’s apartment — where he stared at a woman as she slept, gathered her shoes, and put on a pair of socks before leaving. Law&Crime reported that the intruder entered the woman’s home in Ankeny and was in no hurry to leave.

The New York Post reported that a security camera caught his strange meanderings, including when he hovered over the woman as she slept on the couch. At one point, he collected all her shoes and set them next to her.

During his bizarre visit, the man also took a drink and used the bathroom, KCCI reported. He then grabbed a pair of socks, put them on and walked out.

The suspect, identified as 23-year-old Dan Abimana, was charged with trespassing, police Sgt. Corey Schneden told The Post, explaining that no burglary charges were lodged because the element of intent to commit a crime was not present.

“Alcohol was involved,” he said.

The woman called the episode “creepy,” telling Law&Crime she probably didn’t hear the man enter because she sleeps with the TV on and the door was apparently unlocked.

“He was super quiet. I think the combination of the two is how I just kept sleeping,” she said, adding that the intruder had “even been down to the kids’ room.”

At one point, the man bumped his knee and woke her up. The startled woman said she asked the stranger who he was.

“He said, ‘I’m the guy who dropped you off last night,’” she said. “At that point, I knew he wasn’t a friend of the kids or anything.”

She then “started screaming for my son” as the man grabbed the socks and headed out.

The woman said she wanted the suspect to be charged with burglary.

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