Extar EP45 – A Big Bore Subgun


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Extar is a small American firearms company that has a real cult following. They admittedly approach the industry in a different way. They sell directly to the consumer. Cutting out the middle man makes it easy to offer their carbines at a very low price. What started with a standard 9mm large format AR-type pistol has evolved into the EP45. This is a 45 ACP, large-format pistol. I mentioned it’s ARish, but it’s not an AR-15.

It poses as one and takes some of the best things from the AR. The EP45 uses Glock 21 magazines and provides shooters with a pretty handy dandy platform if you prefer the mighty 230-grain, .45-inch round. It’s not the first time I’ve ever seen a .45 ACP PCC-like subgun, but it’s the first time I’ve seen one cost 499.99 and not be a Hi-Point.r

The Guts of the EP45

The Extar EP45 uses a direct blowback system which is no surprise. Direct blowback 45 ACPs can often feel like a handful. It’s a big cartridge, and blowback-operated guns tend to have some excessive recoil. A .45 ACP could be a bit nasty, but Extar uses this recoil-reducing system that is supposed to take the sting out of the .45 ACP.

It breaks down almost like an AR-15, but not 100%

This eliminates the need for a super strong recoil spring or an overly heavy bolt. The EP45 weighs a mere four pounds and eight ounces. The gun has a 6.5-inch barrel and an overall length of 23.8 inches. It’s a compact, large-format pistol.

It’s AR-like, and that includes some of the ergonomics. The safety, for example, Magazine release, the pistol grip, bolt release, and buffer tube design. The buffer tube is covered with a soft cheekpiece, but it’s removable if you want to add a brace. However, with the whole brace business going on, that’ll be up to you.

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