Influencer arrested after driving Dodge Charger that resembled police car – Law Officer


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A Florida Instagram star with 1.8 million followers was busted for tricking out her Dodge Charger to look like a police car — complete with sirens and lights.

Iulia Pugachev, 28, of Hollywood, was charged with imitating a Florida Highway Patrol vehicle’s colors, failing to register a vehicle and misusing a dealer license plate, officials said.

Police were conducting an unrelated traffic stop in Miami Tuesday when they spotted Pugachev zipping by in what appeared to be an official law enforcement vehicle.


The Dodge Charger had a paint job identical to a highway patrol cruiser — along with an emergency siren and light bar.

Pugachev — who owns several car-related businesses with her husband — also slapped a decal on the side of the vehicle that resembled a police badge.


She told officers that she was test-driving the vehicle before admitting to owning it as part of her security service fleet according to the New York Post.

“Mrs. Pugachev stated she requested the wrap business next to the body shop to wrap the vehicle in black and tan because she had previously seen FHP’s marked patrol units and fell in love with the color scheme,” an arresting officer wrote, according to Local 10.

She was charged with a misdemeanor and the car was impounded.


Share and speak up for justice, law & order…

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