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MADRID, Spain – A Spanish television reporter on the streets of Madrid was in the middle of a live broadcast when a man walked up from behind and fondled her butt, which ultimately led to the creeper’s arrest, according to reports.

Isa Balado, 30, is a correspondent for channel Cuatro. On Tuesday, she was reporting on a story regarding local store clerks who beat up a robbery suspect when a man groped her from behind, before asking her which television station she worked for, the New York Post reported.

Balado tried to carry on with her live report, but the host of the news program, Nacho Abad, redirected the broadcast by saying, “Isa, sorry to interrupt, did he just touch your butt?”

“Yes,” Balado replied with an awkward acknowledgement.

Abad then asked that she feature the man on camera, referring to him as an “idiot,” and the camera shifted to include the individual within the frame, reported Breaking 911.

The man was observed grinning before Balado directly addressed him by saying, “As much as you want to ask us which channel we work for, do you really have to touch my ass? I’m doing a live show and I’m working.”

Although the shifty individual denied touching the Balado, she insisted that he did, to which he replied, “Sorry,” and tried to shake her hand.

However, Balado brushed him off and asked him to let her do her job.

After Abad expressed shock over what transpired, Balado apologized, to which he said, “No, you have nothing to feel sorry for. It makes me so mad.”

Balado said she was not the only target of the man’s unwanted advances, the New York Post reported. 

On Thursday, Spain’s National Police force announced that they arrested the suspect on Tuesday for “sexually assaulting a reporter during a live television broadcast.” The accompanying post showed him being being led away in handcuffs.

Spanish law enforcement authorities did not provide his identity.

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