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By Hayley Feland

The chair of the Minneapolis DFL posted a now deleted tweet to celebrate the death of Ronald Reagan.

“19 years ago today, Ronald Reagan did his one good deed for the world,” Briana Lee said.

The tweet was initially posted on June 5, the 19th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s death. After being called out for deleting the tweet, Lee locked her Twitter account. In response to criticism about her rhetoric, Lee called Reagan the worst president the country has ever seen.

“He single handedly destroyed the middle class and gave corporations the ability to buy our elections,” Lee wrote. “F— that guy.”

In a press release, the GOP expressed its strong disapproval of the remarks made by the Minneapolis DFL chair regarding former President Reagan.

The statement, released by Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman David Hann, called the comments “low-rent rhetoric” and criticized the Democrats for what they perceive as empty campaign promises of civility and decency.

While not unexpected, according to Hann, the remarks are seen as another example of what he perceives as Democrats’ campaign bluster, claiming that their calls for civility and decency are mere empty rhetoric.

“Regardless of political affiliation, Americans honor the memory of our former and deceased presidents with respect for the office they held and the country they led,” Hann said. The press release called on the DFL to join in condemning the statement made by Lee.

In a statement issued by DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin, he firmly disavowed the recent comments made by Lee. Martin emphasized that these remarks do not align with the values upheld by the DFL Party.

“While there is nothing wrong with debating the policies and legacies of elected officials, mocking the passing of an American president is beyond the pale,” Martin said.

The Minneapolis DFL has been in the spotlight recently for a fight breaking out during an endorsement event for a city councilmember, leading to the party banning Nasri Warsame from ever seeking a DFL endorsement again.

This article originally appeared at Alpha News and is reprinted with permission. 

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