More than 300 West African immigrants flood across US-Mexico border – Law Officer


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LUKEVILLE, Ariz. – A compromised area of the southern border near Lukeville, Arizona is the location where more than 300 immigrants, predominantly from West Africa, illegally crossed into the U.S. on Tuesday. This is something the Border Patrol agents referred to as a daily occurrence,  Breitbart News reported.

The large group of illegal immigrants also included people from Peru, India, Ecuador, and several Middle Eastern countries, agents confirmed. Per the Biden administration policy, the federal law violators will be released into the U.S. unless a background check reveals a criminal record, reported the news outlet.

The migrants are primarily young men without families. Video footage shows them staging along the border wall near the Organ Pipe Monument National Reserve.

Illegal border crossers subsequently passed through open storm drainage gates before making their way to a nearby water station and rally point where Border Patrol officials begin the preliminary steps of processing the group, the Post Millennial reported.

The group of approximately 300 migrants made the months-long trek to get to the US-Mexico border from outside the hemisphere. Very few could speak any English or Spanish. Some of them who claimed to be Senegalese knew French and a few words of broken English. Others spoke Hindi and Arabic.

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