Nevada State Police trooper saves kitten trapped on side of busy highway


In a remarkable act of heroism, a Nevada State Police trooper recently braved traffic on a busy highway to save a stranded kitten.

The NSP received numerous calls of an animal in distress on the 95 Eastern on-ramp in early June. Trooper Estrada quickly responded to the scene, located the kitten and immediately rendered aid.

A heartwarming video shared on the NSP’s Twitter on June 11 captured the poignant moment. “Oh! There it is!”, Trooper Estrada exclaimed as the tiny kitten came into view.

The feline was huddled against a concrete barrier wall, mere inches away from oncoming traffic. Trooper Estrada cautiously approached the frightened kitten, and said reassuringly, “Hi, baby. You’re OK.”

However, the kitten attempted to dart into traffic, prompting a frantic cry of
“No, no, no” from the trooper.

Undeterred by the dangerous circumstances, Trooper Estrada successfully saved the day by cornering and picking up the tiny feline.

The rescued kitten, affectionately dubbed “Trooper Kitty” by the police force, was safely secured in the police car and later brought to the station.

Shortly following the incident, Trooper Kitty was welcomed into a loving and caring forever home.

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