New Calif. officer sworn into PD in wife’s hospital room, with newborn son in hand


By Joanna Putman


MODESTO, Calif. — A California police department didn’t want to cancel a new officer’s swearing-in ceremony. Instead, they insisted on holding it in his wife’s hospital room after the birth of their son, KCRA reported.

“They said hi to the family, met little Theo — the new baby boy — and I did my swearing in there,” Officer Trent Kersey said. “It’s just amazing. It’s a crazy thing. I love MPD. They’ve been great to me.”

The Modesto Police Department told KCRA that it was very important to department leadership that Officer Kersey’s completion of the academy be honored.

“We want them to know that we understand that this career requires dedication and often involves balancing work and family, and our chief is so supportive of the family life outside of work,” said Sharon Bear, a Modesto police spokesperson.

Kersey was sworn into the department while holding his newborn son.


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