Philadelphia mass murder suspect claims deadly shooting rampage was to help police with gun violence, sources say – Law Officer


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PHILADELPHIA – The mass shooting suspect accused of murdering five men and wounding two children during a violent rampage in Philadelphia Monday evening reportedly told authorities that he was only trying to help police curb gun violence, according to reports.

As a suspect accused of mass murder, Kimbrady Carriker, 40, reportedly had a few unusual things to say. First, he commended the officers who tracked him down and took him into custody him on a job well done. Next, he outlandishly told police that he gunned down the victims to try to help law enforcement personnel since “all these guys are out there killing people,” sources familiar with the investigation told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Moreover, Carriker told police that Yahweh, or God, would send more people to help without providing additional details on what he meant, according to sources, the news outlet reported.

Carriker wore a ballistic vest and ski mask as he indiscriminately opened fire with a rifle during the carnage. He was also identified as a Black Lives Matter supporter who shared gun-toting memes on social media and was known to wear women’s clothing. He posted two pictures on his Facebook page of him donning a bra, a women’s top and earrings with his hair braided long in March, Law Officer reported.

Kimbrady Carriker was arrested shortly after the bloodshed Monday evening. (Kimbrady Carriker – Facebook)

On Wednesday, Carriker was arraigned on a slew of charges, the New York Post reported. The criminal defendant faces five counts of murder as well as attempted murder, aggravated assault and weapons charges.

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