Ryan Busse To Begin Candidacy For Montana Governor


    Ryan Busse.
    “Busse is a charlatan,” says the NSSF’s Larry Keane. (Photo: NSSF)

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    Former Kimber America Exec. Ryan Busse announced a few weeks ago his intention to run for governor as the Democratic candidate in Montana.

    Busse, a self-proclaimed gun expert who has spent the past several years advocating for gun control, wants something different for Montana. 

    The Associated Press released an article on Sept. 14th, covering the latest on Busse’s intentions to run.

    Busse, at 53, may likely challenge Montana’s current Gov. Greg Gianforte. Although the Republican governor hasn’t confirmed his future plans, many anticipate he will run against Busse.

    Busse Calls It “Our” Montana

    Busse, representing the Democrats, argues that Republicans pose a threat to the Montana he cherishes.

    As cited by KTVH, Busse describes his Montana as “a place where hardworking people make a good living for themselves, raise their kids with equal opportunity.”

    He went on to critique the Republican party’s actions in their previous term, denouncing it as a “playground for the rich.”

    “I grew up hunting and shooting with my father. Guns were things we used on the ranch and farm,” he told NPR. He claims that the Montana he once enjoyed has become “out of whack.”

    “There’s two different Montanas, and I’ll never stop fighting for ours.”

    Not What He Seems

    During his two decades at Kimber America, Busse played a role in producing and distributing more than 3 million firearms. Relatively recently, however, his stance on firearms changed.

    According to NPR, Busse joined Biden’s campaign in 2020 and in 2021 “was hired as an advisor” for Giffords. 

    Giffords is a large anti-2A organization run by Gabby Giffords and her husband, Sen. Mark Kelly.

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    Busse has spent most of this year lamenting the freedoms that gun carriers have. “The tragedy isn’t what’s illegal, the tragedy here is what is legal,” he said.

    Look Out, Montana!

    Many conservatives defending the Second Amendment have openly criticized Busse.

    The NSSF, in particular, has published several articles cautioning the public about Ryan Busse’s dubious assertions of being a people’s champion.

    We encourage you to delve deeper and form your own opinion on Busse’s aspirations to become Montana’s next governor.

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