SWAT sergeant has leg amputated following tragedy during Denver Nuggets championship parade – Law Officer


DENVER — The SWAT sergeant with the Denver Police Department who had a firetruck roll up on him during the Denver Nuggets NBA championship parade in June is recovering at home after doctors had to amputate part of his leg last week.

Sgt. Justin Dodge was simply trying to keep the crowd at bay as a firetruck carrying Nugget stars Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray clipped him, and the truck’s tire dragged the sergeant beneath the emergency vehicle, Law Officer previously reported.  

Maj. Brandon Means with the Colorado State Patrol is a close friend to Dodge. He said the SWAT sergeant was rushed to Denver Health where he had three surgeries before he was released, 9NEWS reported.

However, recently during a follow-up appointment, doctors decided they needed to amputate part of the severely damaged limb, which required a fourth surgery. Dodge underwent surgery last Friday and was released from the hospital Monday evening, according to Means. 

Means said he’s always known his friend has an incredible outlook on life, but that has become more evident through this trial.

“He has not complained one time about this,” Means said. “He is just talking about moving forward and using this as a way to spread positivity to others who may go through something similar, a hardship, and to bring community together.”

Dodge has been part of the law enforcement family for more than 20 years. Upon hearing the news of his injury, Means said it hurt deeply, 9News reported.

“My heart sunk because we’re so close and everybody respects this guy. We love this guy,” he said.

Means along with other friends created a website, sgtjustindodge.com, where people can be directed to the Denver Police Foundation’s website to make a donation that will benefit Dodge and his family.

“Anything we can do to help Justin and his family get though this time until he can figure out his new normal and get him to a place where he can thrive again, that’s our goal,” Means said. “We’re raising money for Justin and his family. All the proceeds go directly to Justin and his family to help them get through this process, to help him get back where he wants to be.”

Means believes Dodge will eventually return to the work he loves since the badly injured warrior believes it himself.

“He has absolutely no doubt that he’s going to be back on the job, back doing his regular duties, and he’s going to get there,” Means said.

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