The Best Rimfire Handguns – Plinking and Beyond


Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

Raise your digital hand if you learned to shoot on a .22LR? Now, keep your hand up if you still enjoy shooting the micro-sized .22LR in handguns and rifles. I’m betting a lot of hands are up. The .22LR rules. It’s small, cheap, and it has very little recoil. It’s a very popular training and plinking round and dominates the modern market. There are tons of great rimfire firearms out there, so today, let’s focus on rimfire handguns. 

Specifically, .22LR handguns. There are tons of great options out there, and I want to present five excellent options, but keep in mind I also want to present a diverse selection that represents everything .22LR handguns are good at. This list could be nothing but Ruger Mark series guns, but that’s a bit boring. 

Best Overall Rimfire Handgun – Ruger Mark IV 

The Ruger Mark series exemplifies the .22LR pistol. It’s one of the originals and arguably the gun that built Ruger. The Mark series is now in its fourth generation, and it seemingly only gets better. The Mark series is made up of a ton of different configurations. Hunting, Tactical, Competition, Standard, Target, and many more. They vary in barrel length and even grip design. The 22/45 variants use a 1911-like grip rather than the swept-back Ruger design. 

What these guns bring to the table is a very reliable semi-auto design. The only thing the Mark series does better than reliability is accuracy.

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