Video shows knife-wielding man run across L.A. freeway and into traffic before police capture


By Joanna Putman


EAST LOS ANGELES, Calif.  — Helicopter video shows the moment a knife-wielding man ran into traffic in an attempt to evade arrest, ABC 7 reported.

Following a vehicle pursuit with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, helicopter video shows the suspect jumping out of his car and running across several lanes of freeway traffic while carrying a butcher knife.

Video shows the man initially running from cruisers across empty freeway lanes where traffic had been blocked.

The man can then be seen climbing over a median barrier and running into oncoming traffic. He appeared to be looking for a vehicle to carjack, according to the report.

At one point, a California Highway Patrol officer can be seen catching a ride on the back of a civilian’s pickup truck to get ahead of the fleeing suspect.

After the man wove through slow-moving traffic on foot, officers who were on the other side of the median were able to catch up to the suspect, climb the barriers and take him into custody.

Both the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department and the California Highway Patrol were involved with apprehending the suspect. 

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