Washington deputy rescues injured dog from drainpipe


Pierce County Sheriff’s Office

A deputy from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office in Washington state risked his life to rescue an injured dog that had been struck by a car and trapped inside a drainpipe on September 7.

The incident began late at night, when a concerned citizen reported the car accident. With animal control unavailable at the time, deputies quickly responded to the scene and discovered the injured dog trapped in a culvert beneath the road.

Facing a dire situation with no time to waste, one deputy showcased his extraordinary bravery, removing his gear and crawling about 25 feet into the narrow pipe to rescue the distressed pup.

The dramatic rescue was captured on video and later shared on the agency’s social media channels. The footage shows the dog laying down on top of the deputy after he reached the injured animal deep inside the culvert. Using a blanket, the deputy then carefully extricated the dog from the confined space. Once the animal was safely retrieved, she was rushed to an emergency veterinary clinic.

Upon examination by veterinarians, it became evident that the dog required immediate emergency surgery to save her life. Identified as a stray without an owner or microchip, she was on the verge of being euthanized.

Fortunately, the PCSO intervened by reaching out to the veterinary clinic to halt the euthanasia procedure and save the dog’s life. When they did, they learned that a compassionate deputy who had been present during the rescue had already called and requested the vet to go ahead with the lifesaving surgery. Sheriff Ed Troyer and the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office collaborated with People for Animal Care and Kindness (PACK), a local animal welfare organization, to cover the costs of the emergency surgery.

The dog, dubbed “Piper,” is currently in recovery and has a second chance at life. She has been placed in a foster home, but the question of whether she has a family looking for her remains unanswered. The Pierce County Sheriff’s Office has not given up hope of reuniting her with her potential owners.

In a statement, the department praised its deputies for their compassion and courage. “Stepping up where so many would not, these deputies are full of compassion and awesomeness! So proud of these guys!” the agency said, noting that without any help, the dog likely would not have survived.

In a tongue-in-cheek aside, the agency also, added that the drainpipe “gives serious ‘It’ vibes” and the deputy who ventured inside “is way braver than the rest of us.”

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